Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tom Joad - Day 7, still mile 1,023, Peddling the flesh...

I hung up the motorcycle attire today to don more suitable clothing intended to convince perspective employers that I'm not a closet axe murderer, and a fairly safe bet to hire.

I had an interview with an aircraft firm in Montebello, CA this morning which I believe went very well. Obviously my previous US Air Force experience payed off. I've always equated interviews as a mental fencing match, one false parry to a tricky question asked by the interviewer could easily result in a quickly skewed and easily discarded candidate. I defended well today.

Later this afternoon I met with a technical recruiter for the Southern California area. He has a few job listings which may work for me. In either case, I'm hoping to get a phone call or two within the next few weeks about job opportunities.

Tomorrow the bike gear goes back on and I depart Los Angeles for Tucson, Arizona. From Tuscon, I head east as far as Dallas, Texas for a brief visit with family, then I start the long journey home again. As usual, look for all the juicy details fit to print here.

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