Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yes, I'm still alive...

After a very long hiatus from my adventure trips, I'm back. The economic downturn and typical job insecurity prevented me from commiting to any big trips over the past year. My job security situation hasn't improved any, but I've still got big plans for big trips during the warmer months.

Most noticeable change is in my choice of rides... The big BMW R1200GS was sold last September to make room for my new 2009 BMW F800GS.

The F800GS is a little smaller, much more nimble, and lighter than the old R1200GS, and much more controllable than the 600+ lbs. R1200GS. A true confidence-builder. I'm slowly adding all of the creature comforts to the F800GS as I had on my R1200GS to accommodate the long trips, such as GPS, MP3, heated clothing, and luggage. I'll be ready for the quick long-weekend adventure rides this Spring, and longer rides next year.