Monday, September 14, 2009

The Electric Bikes Storm Portland!

Taking advantage of the lingering summer weather, Brammo stormed Portland this weekend with Enertia Powercycles on the street. We rode all over Portland, stopping in local neighborhoods for food for our bikes, and ourselves of course, to get the bikes seen in a city that is ideal for low-cost commuter bikes. The crowd reaction was overwhelming. Seeing 'Green Technology' bikes downtown was a thrill for the curious onlookers. Several mentioned that this was reason they live in Oregon, because Oregon is the first to adopt new environmentally-friendly practices, which many of the other states follow our example.
During our Portland storm, we took advantage of the 20 new EV recharging stations along the Portland streets, still absolutely free to EV vehicle owners. Living in a progressive city does have it's advantages.
Now to convince the masses that they need to switch to similar transportation... If I don't get pummeled by people carrying large stones in the process, I may find a few converts.
Wish me luck...