Monday, August 27, 2012

Tree Hugger Redux

Well, after three years of hoping, three jobs, near financial ruin, two moves, open-heart surgery, and a tougher-than-nails East L.A wife who tolerates my flights of whimsy, I'm riding again.

It took a few years to scratch my way back up to the pay grades I was making before the 'recession', but I purchased another BMW motorcycle to complete the rides I wished I had made during my obsession days.

Obviously, my incessant rants about my previous bike trips found a following... A good friend and HP coworker, also an avid dual sport motorcycle rider, Mike Hollingsworth, expressed an interest in riding to the California Redwoods. Since I had made the trip twice before, I expressed an interest in another trip. That's all it took. Mike was planning a motorcycle trip down to Santa Rosa, California in the beginning of September to visit an ailing grandparent, and had a long weekend to get to his destination. Voila', instant ride!

I'll post pictures and details here... I'll also be experimenting with FB to see if it's worthwhile posting trip trip stats there. I'm quickly losing interest in FB.

Tree Hugger Redux