Friday, February 27, 2009

Tom Joad - Day 17, mile 4,949.9, Home At Last to Marti's Home Cooking!

Unlike my previous trips, I had a very good reason to hasten my return to Portland during this trip.

Marti has been patiently awaiting my return during this trip. Keeping her informed of my poor eating habits while on the road, I returned home to a superb meal of homemade enchiladas. A few trips to the gym and more of Marti's healthy cooking, and I can absolve myself of my trip sloth and clear my conscience. And, hopefully, after forgiving me of my absence. Marti and I can resume our lives together.

I departed Redding, CA this morning to a chilly, overcast 34 degrees. I was concerned that my reentering Oregon through the Siskiyou Mountain Pass today might be dangerous due to snow and ice, so I donned the heated gear again and prepared for the worst. The weather gods smiled upon me again, and I passed through the Siskiyou Summit to a 32 degrees, but the roads were clear and dry. I descended back into Oregon to an overcast 41 degrees, and blasted northward on Interstate 5 toward home and a very special woman waiting for me as soon as I pulled into the garage.

As for the trip... Everyone expects the usual insights, revelations, and predictions for future adventures. Yes, I've got a million thoughts and images racing through my head, trying to capture those thoughts here and now would be impossible. To summarize the trip... scenery changes from place to place, but human needs, economic concerns, and an awareness of the 'now' is constant.

I'm still waiting to hear back from the several job interviews I had during my stay in Los Angeles, but I'm still hopeful that something will come of it. Regardless, I did the ride, I made the calls, I met the people. Isn't this why we go on adventures?

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