Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tom Joad - Day 4, still mile 997.8, Viva Los Angeles...

Sorry, no pictures today because I was dumb enough to forget to grab my camera before stepping out into that great Los Angeles sun this morning.

I awoke this morning in Los Angeles to a sunny and promisingly warm day, although it took me a few minutes to comprehend where I was at and what day it was because of the strange bed and different surroundings in the room. My brother Matt is a pilot, and is frequently called away to fly routes all over the world. We had an hour or so to get reacquainted after my arrival at his house last night, but this morning he was off again for a 5-day flight to Tokyo. Safe travels Matt!

After performing a few botanical seed-germination tasks to set up my sister-in-law Colleen with a nice variety of fresh herb plants for her garden this Spring, we set off for lunch in the Los Angeles sun. Being in L.A., I capitolized on the abundance of fresh produce and opted for a salad-bar lunch to pay for the sins of my typical junk food bike trip diets. After a lovely lunch, I convinced Colleen that we needed to soak up some of the high-50's Winter sun at some outdoor restaurant over a couple of margaritas. We ended up on the Santa Monica Pier for a couple of drinks on the pier overlooking the Pacific Ocean, watching drunk tourists and feeding pigeons from restaurant tortilla chips and salsa. Another memorable day.

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