Monday, February 23, 2009

Tom Joad - Day 13, mile 2,943.6, Geek on Wheels Heading Left...

Departure day! Today I started my long trek homeward. I got a royal send-off this morning with Mary and Dale accompanying me for the first 60 miles westward on their Harley.

I'm not sure if they were both just looking for a reason to ride, or if I was unofficially being run out of town on a rail, but their company westward and their wonderful hospitality over the past three days was greatly appreciated. I'd love to return the favor some day, and hope to ride with both of them again some time in the future.

We departed Denton, TX to a chilly, breezy 43 degrees. As usual, the northerly crosswind across I-20 was just strong enough to be annoying and buffet me about. Although, as the day progressed and I covered more miles westward, I noticed the temperature was rising rapidly and the crosswinds were diminishing. I rolled through Midland, TX today to a toasty 83 degrees. I immediately stopped and started stripping off all of the heated gear I had donned this morning to combat the chilly crosswinds By the time I had arrived at my hotel in Pecos, TX at 5:00pm, I was already sweating under all of my biking gear. Looking at the weather forecast for Tuscon, AZ tomorrow, I may see 90+ degrees during my ride in. I'm very glad I'm wearing an all-season riding suit for this trip. I can unzip vents for cooling in the hotter climates, and add heated liners underneath for the colder climates. Obviously, my suit is experiencing both during this trip.

Regardless, it felt great to finally be homeward bound again and one day closer to getting back to a good woman patiently waiting for me at home. Marti's been very tolerant of me during this trip, but I won't push my luck and try another one anytime soon. Unless, of course, she's contently sitting on the seat behind me during my next hair-brained adventure. More on that later... Tomorrow Tuscon, AZ to meet up with another long-lost cousin, then on to Los Angeles again.

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