Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Job, New Life, New Technology...

After five long months of unemployment, one short-lived miserable job working hard labor, and an endless supply of support from my family and friends, (for which I am eternally grateful), I am working again. Not only working, but finding myself truly excited about the work I'm doing. A feeling long lost after falling off of the high-tech roller coaster, I'm now actually contributing to a higher cause, cleaning up this planet and making life better for future generations.

Two weeks ago I was contacted by Brammo Inc., , about a Field Service Technician position I had applied for some months before, but had completely forgotten about it since I was applying for nearly everything under the sun. Brammo Inc. is a small startup company headquartered in Ashland, Oregon ramping up for production of a small, rechargeable electric motorcycle called the Enertia, (pictured below).
After my first meeting with the folks from Brammo and some chat about the technical specs about the Enertia, I was hooked! For an ex-high-tech engineer and an avid biker, this was my dream job! Being a part of the Green Technology Revolution was an added incentive to be a part of a group which is laying the foundation for future replacement of polluting vehicles around the world.

The Brammo Enertia is the first production built rechargeable electric motorcycle, targeted mainly for city and suburb commuters, with a range of 45 miles on a single charge. To recharge the motorcycle, simply plug it into any 110VAC outlet in your house or work, and 3 hours later you're fully recharged. The Enertia is sleek, nimble, very quiet, and capable of attaining highway speeds of 55mph. The perfect non-polluting lightweight commuter vehicle. The Enertia Powercycle will be sold and serviced from Best Buy stores around the U.S., another new approach to purchasing new motor vehicles. You could simply purchase a new Enertia like buying a new flatscreen TV and ride it home.

The Enertia Powercycle is only the first of many non-polluting motorcycles coming from Brammo Inc., with many options available to meet customer needs. I'll add more posts as I get to 'play' with the newest vehicles.

I'm still in a state of shock about being involved in the future of alternative fuel vehicles, and grinning like a mischievous schoolboy working with the Brammo production team building the Enertia Powercycle. I'll keep posting as events unroll.

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