Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Coolest Job in the World!

After many weeks of getting intimately familiar with the care and feeding of purely electric motorcycles, we're going live with the sales of Brammo Enertia Powercycles, . We rolled the first six bikes into two Best Buy stores here in Portland this week, and the initial public response has been phenomenal!
To prove my point... The first six bikes arrived at two Portland Best Buy stores on Wednesday night. We uncrated them and walked them through the Best Buy stores to be unveiled on Friday. Crossing through the Best Buy showroom with a newly uncrated Enertia Powercycle, we got to listen to some of the customer responses at their first gllimpse of the Powercycles. My favorite was watching several Best Buy salespeople showing potential customers widescreen TVs while we passed by them pushing the new bikes. As the bikes rolled passed, everyone including the salespeople halfway through their sales pitch went silent and all eyes were on the Green machines passing by. One customer I stopped to talk with briefly while pushing a bike mentioned that he had hoped he was the 'One-Millionth Customer' and was receiving his prize. I hated to burst his bubble, but I did mention that these bikes were available to the public within the week.

Lastly, we set up one of the available Enertias on a display stand, and within 30 seconds had customers walking up asking about the new motorcycles on display. Obviously public curiosity is very high right now. Hopefully this translates to a few sales...

Regardless, I get to play with the new electric motorcycles until someone says I can't, and I love to play with new gadgets. This is Sooo Cool!

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