Monday, February 18, 2008

Tree-Hugger, day 3, mile 1,025, Home again.

Once again the weather gods smiled upon me for my push homeward today. I left Ashland, OR at 9:00am this morning to a sunny 51 degree day. Of course, getting great riding weather has its cost. As I rode north on I-5 I encountered cold fog coming through the Siskiyou Mountain range about 10 miles out of Ashland. The temperature dropped rapidly to 37 degrees, so I endured an hour or so of numb hands and toes again until I got above Roseburg, OR. After I finally outran the fog, the sun was shining brightly and the temperatures were climbing nicely the farther north I went. I rolled back into Beaverton, OR at 3:30pm to a lovely 60 degree day.

My Tree-Hugger trip was another fun impromptu romp on the Beemer to stretch our legs and prepare us for the 5k-mile trip in May/June. Once again, my motorcycle inspired complete confidence in me, and assured me its up to the big trip in the Spring. I'm already getting excited.

Expect plenty more ride posts here as the weather improves over the next few months.

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